About us

The mission of the research centre is to carry out basic and applied research in the areas of preparation and application of nanomaterials of synthetic and biological origin in environmental protection, health and medicine. We study the interaction of nanomaterials with biological models at different levels of complexity and also the development of microfluidic devices for applications in biology, biotechnology and medical diagnostics. We are an interdisciplinary team that integrates experts from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and computer modelling to create a shared interdisciplinary research platform at the Faculty of Science of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University (UJEP).

We are members of the NanoEnviCz consortium, a large research infrastructure that brings together nanotechnology research institutes in the Czech Republic focused on nanotechnology for environmental protection and sustainable development. We cooperate with research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad and industrial partners.

The research is linked to education through the Applied Nanotechnology study programme at all three levels: bachelor, master and doctoral, as well as the Biology study programme.