Undegraduate Programme

Applied nanotechnologies

The graduate has basic theoretical knowledge of the basic areas of physics, chemistry, materials, nanomaterials, various physical, chemical and physico-chemical procedures for the preparation of (nano)materials, nanostructured materials and their subsequent characterization. The graduate has theoretical knowledge of the basics of instrumental methods for the characterization of materials and nanomaterials and can use them practically to characterize prepared nanomaterials and materials in general. In the introduction to the study, the student will also acquire the necessary knowledge of mathematics, language training, computer literacy and basic insight into the possibilities of computer simulations with respect to nanomaterials.

The graduate masters the basic skills necessary in physics and chemistry laboratories, physical and chemical procedures for the preparation of nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanolayers, nanostructured surfaces, nanofibers and nanocomposites), especially using plasma technologies, electrospinning and chemical and combined physicochemical methods of preparation. During study, the student will gain experience with basic methods necessary for characterization and testing of properties and functions of (nano)materials and also a range of skills in the actual characterization of nanomaterials using a wide range of techniques and instruments available at UJEP.

The graduate will be able to creatively apply the acquired knowledge and practical skills in the preparation of new types of (nano-)materials, their characterization and functional testing. He/she will be able to take a multidisciplinary approach and communicate with experts and colleagues from related fields in transferring technology into practical application. These skills will also be used in the preparation of the final bachelor thesis. The graduate will be able to enter NMgr. studies in chemistry or physics.