Master Programme

Applied nanotechnologies

The aim of the study is to provide the students of the Master’s degree programme in Applied Nanotechnology with an extension of their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the preparation and characterisation of nanomaterials, which they have acquired in their Bachelor’s degree studies, so that they can use them in independent creative work in research laboratories in the academic environment and in industry.

The aim in the theoretical area is: (1) to broaden theoretical knowledge of quantum physics and chemistry so that students gain a deeper understanding of nanoscale phenomena and (2) to deepen the theoretical foundations of the physical methods for preparing nanomaterials and the theoretical basis of instrumental techniques.

On a practical level, the goal is to master the physical and chemical methods for the preparation of nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanofibers and nanolayers) and to master advanced instrumental techniques for the characterization of different types of nanomaterials.
Since this is a study programme in Applied Nanotechnology, the aim of the study is not least the ability of interdisciplinary communication of our graduates, which is necessary especially for the transfer of technology into practice.